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About Us

Made in Italy

Nestled among the Bogogno hills, in the North West of Italy, just 100 km far from Pisa, there is the village of Toscana. Here, more than 36 years ago, Desiderio Due was born and here it still has its headquarters.
The company is owned by the Desiderio family, who have been leading it with passion and pride for two generations. Strategic success has been achieved by combining a clear corporate identity with the experience of a strong Italian manufacturing tradition and the ambitious, daring choices for future developments.

Desiderio Due bathroom designs offer a luxurious bathroom with special touches. Each one of the designs that splendor meets nature, is hand-made and consists of special designs. Desiderio offers a combination of Italian taste and elegance.

Desiderio Due’s unique bathroom design, classic details combined with the minimalist stance can make you dream.

Desiderio Due offers a broad range of furniture collections for Bathroom ambiances, all 100% hand-made in Italy, and coordinated interior design solutions. The Project Division was created specifically to provide for the specific, bespoke requirements of bathroom. The company’s traditional approach along with a keen eye for quality and fine materials, and the use of hand craft are the features which ensure maximum production flexibility. Desiderio Due is now present in over 25 countries worldwide,  including, between the others, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

DESIDERIO DUE Certificates


We’ve been recognized for our commitment to excellence and quality throughout the years - and we’re proud to tell you all about it! From day 1, we were getting noticed by the industry’s movers-and-shakers, and this has only pushed us to move forward towards greater advancements. And of course, all of these awards are testament to the incredible work that our team does day in and day out.

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JANUARY 25, 2015


DECEMBER 31, 2013

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Meet Our Professionals

We’re innovators of a higher standard, using %100 handmade production. Desiderio Due has always been a  Segment Furniture Manufacturer and at the forefront of manufacturing improvements, employing the best artists and craftmen to get the job done.

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Usaine Ziccorni is responsible for avangard product design at the company, and is a pro at getting the job done quickly and efficiently. On days off, Usaine Ziccorni enjoys cooking and watching old movies.

designer of classic



Canikusa Ostraba is in charge of making sure that our products meet our customers needs and is there to answer any questions they might have. With a constant smile, Canikusa Ostraba brightens up every day at the office.

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Baretta Luigi has been working at DESIDERIO DUE since it was established in 2000, and loves to hike, do crossword puzzles and play videogames on the weekend.

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